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Di Pu (Taichi Kabata), PhD Candidate

General Associate

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I am a PhD candidate in the Dept. of chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary. I received MASc from the University of Regina (2019) and I am currently pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering. During my time at Regina (2015-2019), I was fascinated by the non-equilibrium phase behaviour of the gas-liquid foam at micro-scales and decided to dive deep into research topics where soft condensed matter physics is active. My research is motivated by observing the intriguing transport phenomena in microfluidic platforms, which serve as the 'magic lancets' in bridging the microscopic and macroscopic realms. Then I tend to develop theoretical models combined with experimental techniques to elucidate the underlying physical mechanisms involved behind the scene.

I have been playing the violin and practicing watercolour painting since 8 as a hobby - the beauty and complexity of art often spark a tête-à-tête with nebulous ideas in the field of physics, motivating me to embark on a research journey and explore new avenues of discovery.

Research Interests

My research is mostly focused on thermally non-equilibrium transport phenomenon in aqueous system, with applications in areas of medical diagnostics and therapeutics, drug discovery, drug delivery and controlled release, micro- and nanorobot manipulation, purification of biochemical species and water treatment.


Conference Proceedings


Di Pu, Anne M. Benneker, Giovanniantonio Natale, "Theory and Experiment on Colloid Thermophoresis in Aqueous Media Using Lab-on-a-chip Platforms" Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Oct. 2022

Di Pu, Anne M. Benneker, Giovanniantonio Natale, "A Mode-coupling Model of Colloid Thermophoresis in Aqueous Media: Probing the Interactions in Many-body Systems" Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Calgary, AB, Canada, Oct. 2023

Attended Stat&QuantPhys Winter School on "Statistical Physics and Quantum Physics" Organized by Analytical Quantum Complexity RIKEN Hakubi Research Team and Hatano Laboratory, hosted in Tokyo, Japan, on 21st – 22nd February 2024.

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